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Pleasant Village Community Garden welcomes you to join our garden.

Membership requires a non-refundable yearly fee of $10.00 plus $4 for gate and shed keys.


Your membership fee goes towards garden maintenance and supply costs such as keys, locks, compost etc. Your membership entitles you to garden access and a garden bed based on availability. Often beds are not available. If this is the case,  you will be placed on the waiting list. However, you still have garden access and garden responsibilities.

To be eligible for full access and a garden bed, we require two volunteer days so you know whether you are suited for garden membership - taking care of a large garden is not easy. To receive and keep an individual bed, you must actively participate in garden responsibilities (trash removal, general clean-up, planting, event participation), attend the three annual meetings and tend to your garden bed. You must also be present for at least four or more hours in the season of the weekly open hours required by Green Thumb.


Members must care for their plots and attend the first and last of four annual garden meetings, otherwise they risk forfeiting their plot and membership. Plots must be tended by early June or your plot will be reassigned.

Additional requirements and regulations are listed in our Bylaws and Garden Responsibilities.

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