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Garden Member Responsibilities

Every garden needs the participation of all members to keep it in good shape. Pleasant Village Community Garden is no exception. We ask that members consider the following and not leave these responsibilities to others:

Garbage & Recyclables: Garbage & recycle bags are to be used only for garbage derived from cleaning the sidewalks, garbage that blows in the garden, or full garden events. All other garbage (personal barbecues, organizations that use the garden, picnic lunches etc.) must be carried out with you. No exceptions. Bring full garbage & recyclable bags to the front of the garden whether you or someone else have/has filled the garbage bag. Our Vice President, Carlos Melendez will make sure they get to the sanitation truck. Our sanitation men are great and willingly take our garbage. Please make sure the garbage bags are not too heavy. Be frugal with the bags – they cost money and they increase unwanted solid waste.

If you see litter outside or inside the garden or by the trees on Pleasant Avenue or near the 119th Street fence, pick it up and put it in the garbage, even if it is not your assigned duty. Every member’s hands are the same in the garden.

Water Barrels: Fill the water barrels when they are empty. ​

Make sure to lock the garden properly when you leave.


No smoking in the garden ever. No pets allowed. Service dogs are welcome.

Contact Person: The garden has a contact person so that organizations do not have numerous people contacting them that may not have the authority to do so. If you have a concern and would like to contact someone on behalf of the garden, please contact the Garden President (Kim –


Take part in garden events by donating time, items or funds. We are part of Green Thumb, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Put yourself on the mailing list for Green Thumb events. Please volunteer to the Green Thumb ‘give-aways,’ Contact Garden President Kim –

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